There is something you may not know about Barcelona: The Craft beer scene is huge and always growing. We want to offer you a glimpse in this world with our Original Craft Beer Tour. Take a journey with us through Eixample, also known as Brewxaimple, to some of the best Craft beer bars and gastro pubs Barcelona has to offer. Whether you like IPAs, a dark Stout or Sours & Goses, you will find plenty of great beers to taste along the way.

When it comes to craft beer, there is something for everybody. But, it isn’t all about the beer, remember. On some of the stops there will be small plates of tapas that are like honey for your taste buds. Included is also 3-4 hand-picked half pints. On our last stop you will be given the opportunity to get an exclusive tour of one of the best breweries in Barcelona. There are so many amazing brews and plates along the way though, that we highly encourage everyone to get the most out of the Original Craft Beer Tour and try as much as they can. As craft beer lovers, it is what we always do.


The Original Barcelona Craft Beer Tour

This 3-4 Hour Culinary Barcelona Craft Beer Tour includes:

Half-pint in every bar we visit
Tapa to share on some bars
Introduction to Brewing: Exclusive tour of small Brewery
Fantastic Craft beer loving Guides
Learn the different Craft beer types
Vegetarian options available
Great Bars and Restaurants



Welcome to Barcelona, home to some of the world’s best tapas and pintxos. Bring your hunger and come join us on the Original Barcelona Tapas Tour. This tour is a great introduction for tapas and pintxos lovers and the first-timers. Our foodie guides have eaten their way around the city trying out some of the most unique and flavorful tapas on offer. We love the unique and various types of food around Barcelona, and we want to share it with you. So clean your plate and come experience some of the very best food in the city on the Original Barcelona Tapas Tour

This one of a kind tapas and pintxos tour takes you to 3-4 authentic locations depending on the day and time of year. Some places take longer and are only open on certain days. Either way, we strive to make sure that all our Original Barcelona Tapas Tours are unique and provide the best overview and discovery of this great culinary experience. Aside from the great local restaurants, our guides will teach you everything there is to know about the different Spanish kitchens.There is so much to see and discover in Barcelona and our local guides are full of great tips and tricks to make your holiday amazing.


This 3-4 Hour Culinary Barcelona Tapas Tour includes:

This 3-4 Hour Culinary Barcelona Tapas Tour includes:
Food samples in every place we visit.
Discount and specials for future and current visits
Great Spanish speaking Guides
Learn the different Spanish kitchens
Vegetarian options available
Traditional Spanish Beverages
Great Restaurants


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ooking for a wild night out in one of the world’s best party cities?? This is the Original Barcelona Pub Crawl. We are not your normal Bar Tour or night out in Barcelona.  Join us on our Original Barcelona Pub Crawls! Let the rhythm of the city and one of our excellent leaders guide you through a night you won’t soon forget! After the sun sets on the boardwalk the city transforms into a playground of music, tapas, and lively party. And I hope you like free shots because there will be a lot of those going around, great specials at our venues, all with free entrance!

barcelona pub crawl 1

The Pub Crawl is a perfect way to meet people, both fellow travelers, and locals, and have a great time!

The Original Barcelona Pub Crawl starts at 22:00 every night at the refreshingly cool bar The Mint where our guests can enjoy a free mojito (best in the city!) and discounted drinks such as home-made gins of different flavour. The nightly journey continues to two or three more authentic bars in the heart of the Gothic area. On some we have special drink offers and on others a free welcome shot and discounted drinks. If you didn’t know how to dance salsa before, by the end of the night you most definately will! We end the night on a hand-selected night club where we skip the line and enter as VIP-guests. The best thing: You are welcome back to enjoy the crawl every night of the year!

The Original Barcelona Pub Crawl includes:

The Barcelona Pub Crawl takes you to a selection of different bars so you get a full idea of the Barcelona scene. There will be some traditional Spanish and Catalan bars with live music and infectious rhythmic dance, some modern electronic bars, wild bars full of locals and of course, ending up at one of the hottest clubs the city has to offer with VIP and free entry. The lineup changes from day to day! You can always count on amazing drink specials, great company, and a few crazy stories from your night out in Barcelona.


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Welcome to Barcelona and our home for the Original Free Barcelona Bike Tour. Come check out some of the amazing history that fills the streets of the capital of Catalonia. Come down and join us at the meeting point, where if you don’t have a bike one will be available for rent. You can rent them for the day, just the tour or longer! After we are all set up with our rides, it’s time to hit the streets for this awesome free Barcelona History Tour.

free bike tour baraca


Our local guides love this city and can’t wait to show it off to you. Along with the heaps of historical knowledge and sites, you will get to see and learn about. Our local guides also live in the city and are a great source of information for the best places to eat, or where to go dancing. They are filled with useful tips to make your Barcelona stay even better! So come with a group or by yourself there will be plenty of stops to get to know more people in the group.

The Original Free Barcelona Bike Tour is about 3 hours and features:


Church of Santa Maria The Gothic Quarter
del MarThe Catastrophe of Tetuán Basilica of La Mercè
The Monumental Bullfighting Ring Colombus Monument
The Industrial Revolution in Catalonia Arc de Triomf
Olympic Village & the 92 Olympics The Generalitat
El Cap de Barcelona Fossar de les Moreres
The haunted metro station AND MUCH, MUCH MORE
Las Ramblas




Renting a bike costs depend on how long you would like to rent it for, but our partners have the best prices in town! This is one of the best ways to learn your way around Barcelona, while also learning the history and culture of this great city. Come see the best side of Barcelona with us!


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Traveling to Barcelona is always good Idea even if you are traveling with little kids.  There are some important things which will help your family to stay in Barcelona:

First of all, check a list of the best hostels on Internet. Read carefully reviews on famous website like and tripadviser.  There are usually real feedbacks.

Gracia City Hostel has 8.4 points on and dozens positive feedbacks on trip adviser, We are #42 of 736 hotels and hostels of Barcelona.

Next important point is the location

With little kids you need a central location with few walking distance to the major attractions you plan to visit

Our Gracia City Hostel is located in a heart of Gracia neighborhood, one of the most beautiful and famous location in Barcelona, five minutes walking to see la Pedrera and all the modernisme buildings of Barcelona.

If you plan to take public transportation, you’ll want to be close to a hub station, not on a transit line that would require many transfers to get where you’re going.

Our closer Metro station is Diagonal(Green and blue line, you can connecting easy with all Barcelona). Also there are several bus lines, including night buses which go all night.

Another important point is find cafes or markets nearby the hostel

Gracia neighborhood is famous by there’s cafes and restaurants. There dozens variants where you could go with little children. There are also many supermarkets

The hostel should have relax zone where your kids will feel comfortable.

In Gracia City Hostel we have a big cozy living room where you could find home library and comfort relax zone with couches, tables and TV. You could find a lot of family games, also we organize dinner and birthday party. Or you could prepare dinner by yourself. There is a big kitchen with all stuff like pans, pot, microwave, own etc to prepare food for you.

Larger rooms to stay with comfort

In our hostel guests respect each other so you won’t feel discomfort or rude, we have shared rooms with 4 beds, 8 beds, 2 beds and 12 beds, and private rooms.

In conclusion we want to say that Gracia City Hostel is always welcome place for all people: friends, families with children and without, travelers etc

We are really proud to be one of the best hostels in Barcelona. Come and stay with us!




The “Festa Major de Gràcia” is Barcelona’s biggest, most colourful and most popular neighbourhood festival. Bringing in around 1.5 MILLION visitors each year!

Like all Catalan festivals “Festa Mayor de Gràcia” has a rich cultural presence of all things Catalan, including the “Diada Castellera de Festa Major” which features “Colles Castelleres”. These are teams of (really rather brave) people that build human towers and castles… Up to 7 or 8 storeys high! A truly jaw dropping spectacle to see live. Worried you might miss it? You wont! This festival contains many opportunties to see the local castellers group – Known here as the “Castellers de la Vila de Gracia” – build these amazing towers.

On one special night during the festival a tower is built and moved between two plazas, Locally refered to as the “Baixada del Pilar Caminat.”

Aside from the human towers there is much more to get your teeth into! In the many plazas of Gràcia you will find without too much effort: Live music events, plenty of local food and drink opportunities and artisanal items.

The Gracia festival dates are 15th to 21st August this 2015 year. The first day of the festival is a public holiday in Spain called Assumption day. We recommend visit Gracia in the evening from about 8.0 pm, when it starts to get dark because the illuminations on the streets turn on and the decoration look much beautiful.


More information about festival and Catalan traditions:

Join us on the Original Free Barcelona Alternative Tour. Barcelona is famous for its strong alternative and underground urban culture. It’s been known as a mecca for skaters and artists alike, with its seaside boulevards and endless inspiration from Catalan creativity. The whole city is a playground and gallery if you know where to look. Luckily for you, we do! Join us on our Original Barcelona FREE Alternative tour and explore the hidden gems around every corner. Come duck between alleyways and mysterious corners to find all the underground and local treasures of Barcelona. This is not your average walking tour, with us you’ll hunt the edgy and underground cultures of Barcelona. This is a first-hand experience guided by expats and locals who know the city as home. The tour prides itself on being an informative, social and unique experience. Traveling should be relaxed and fun, and we hope to help you on the way!

The alternative presence in the Barcelona is undeniable, with a devote street art scene. There are many classic street art pieces which have been around for decades and new pieces are constantly popping up. Barcelona became a major hotspot for alternative culture in the 90’s and is only getting stronger! On our tour, we’ll explore alternative neighborhoods, street art, graffiti, the skateboard scenes, squat scenes, urban legends, stories, and myths.


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Come explore Barcelona’s rich history with this free Barcelona tour. This is the Original Barcelona FREE walking tour. Witness with your own eyes Barcelona’s breathtaking Mediterranean seaside, and experience first hand the city’s world-renown liveliness and passion. Beauty and art are all over the city, but Barcelona is ultimately defined by its architectural masterpieces.

barcelona header

The culture and landscape make Barcelona truly like no other. We’re talking vertical wonders like the Sagrada Familia. A work in progress for over the past 100 years. This is just one of the many historical sights. Gorgeous architectural structures and interesting points are what this free Barcelona tour is all about. At Original Barcelona Tours, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive, fun and informative tours, so come join us and make the most of your time in Barcelona!

The Free Barcelona Walking Tour is around 2.5 hours and Features:

Our tour guides are local experts with a true passion for the history and culture of Barcelona. This is a FREE walking tour, so you decide the price! Tipping is encouraged because love doesn’t pay the bills but the amount is totally up to you! That’s why we always strive to provide you with the best possible tours. Our guides are always ready to give recommendations for the best food, tapas, drink, fun and culture for the city they call home.

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If you are tired of planning your trip, perhaps we can help.
Our staff team organise activities every day and night
Check our activity schedule for current season.

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