Hostel in Gracia City, Barcelona:

Barcelona has everything to offer: nice architecture, good cuisine, terraces with amazing views, beaches, good weather, among others. That’s why it’s not a surprise that there are as well numerous options for amazing day trips from the city centre.

There are plenty of day trips from Barcelona just a short ride away. You can choose between mountains, beaches, endless vineyards, pretty little villages and much much more.

In Gracia City Hostel we want to make you live an incredible experience, that’s why we propose you the 5 coolest daytrips to get to know Catalonia.

1. Costa Brava

An incredibly beautiful coast line in the North of Catalonia! Costa Brava means Wild Coast in English and gets this name because is full of rocks, cliffs and small coves.

A place where you can get a true taste of relaxation, soaking up in the sun and discovering picturesque villages. On the other hand, if you have an adventurous soul you can enjoy your daytrip diving or kayaking in these beautiful crystal blue waters.


2. Montserrat

The Montserrat Mountain is a multi-peaked mountain, only a 1-hour train ride away. This is a perfect activity for a day outside the city for every hiker and nature lover. The monastery at Montserrat Mountain is also worth it to visit. From the highest point of Montserrat, St. Jerome’s peak, the views, overlooking out over the whole of Catalonia, are impressive.


3. Sitges

The sea-side charming town of Sitges is just 30 minutes from Barcelona. The road along the coast is beautiful and absolutely memorable. The village it’s a small beach destination in the south known for welcoming people of any sexual orientation, races and religions.


4. Girona

Girona is the small hidden pearl up in the north of Catalonia between a half and one hour from Barcelona. It is a medieval town to visit, and absolutely worth it. You can get lost in the old town, visit some beautiful cafés, and eat very, very well!

Roman walls, a mix of a Gothic and Romanesque cathedral, and the old Jewish quarter; are some of the most important reasons when visiting the city.


5. Tarragona

Visiting Tarragona is like traveling back in time and retrace the footsteps of Roman gladiators. Today, you can visit a well-preserved Coliseum, a simply fantastic amphitheatre overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and a lovely, smallish town with own beach where you can sunbathe and chill.


So, If you fancy a change of pace or you’re keen to explore the Catalan life beyond the metropolis, just choose one option and start exploring Catalonia!!