Hostel in Gracia City, Barcelona:

Barcelona has everything to offer: nice architecture, good cuisine, terraces with amazing views, beaches, good weather, among others. That’s why it’s not a surprise that there are as well numerous options for amazing day trips from the city centre.

There are plenty of day trips from Barcelona just a short ride away. You can choose between mountains, beaches, endless vineyards, pretty little villages and much much more.

In Gracia City Hostel we want to make you live an incredible experience, that’s why we propose you the 5 coolest daytrips to get to know Catalonia.

1. Costa Brava

An incredibly beautiful coast line in the North of Catalonia! Costa Brava means Wild Coast in English and gets this name because is full of rocks, cliffs and small coves.

A place where you can get a true taste of relaxation, soaking up in the sun and discovering picturesque villages. On the other hand, if you have an adventurous soul you can enjoy your daytrip diving or kayaking in these beautiful crystal blue waters.


2. Montserrat

The Montserrat Mountain is a multi-peaked mountain, only a 1-hour train ride away. This is a perfect activity for a day outside the city for every hiker and nature lover. The monastery at Montserrat Mountain is also worth it to visit. From the highest point of Montserrat, St. Jerome’s peak, the views, overlooking out over the whole of Catalonia, are impressive.


3. Sitges

The sea-side charming town of Sitges is just 30 minutes from Barcelona. The road along the coast is beautiful and absolutely memorable. The village it’s a small beach destination in the south known for welcoming people of any sexual orientation, races and religions.


4. Girona

Girona is the small hidden pearl up in the north of Catalonia between a half and one hour from Barcelona. It is a medieval town to visit, and absolutely worth it. You can get lost in the old town, visit some beautiful cafés, and eat very, very well!

Roman walls, a mix of a Gothic and Romanesque cathedral, and the old Jewish quarter; are some of the most important reasons when visiting the city.


5. Tarragona

Visiting Tarragona is like traveling back in time and retrace the footsteps of Roman gladiators. Today, you can visit a well-preserved Coliseum, a simply fantastic amphitheatre overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and a lovely, smallish town with own beach where you can sunbathe and chill.


So, If you fancy a change of pace or you’re keen to explore the Catalan life beyond the metropolis, just choose one option and start exploring Catalonia!!

Traveling to Barcelona is always good Idea even if you are traveling with little kids.  There are some important things which will help your family to stay in Barcelona:

First of all, check a list of the best hostels on Internet. Read carefully reviews on famous website like and tripadviser.  There are usually real feedbacks.

Gracia City Hostel has 8.4 points on and dozens positive feedbacks on trip adviser, We are #42 of 736 hotels and hostels of Barcelona.

Next important point is the location

With little kids you need a central location with few walking distance to the major attractions you plan to visit

Our Gracia City Hostel is located in a heart of Gracia neighborhood, one of the most beautiful and famous location in Barcelona, five minutes walking to see la Pedrera and all the modernisme buildings of Barcelona.

If you plan to take public transportation, you’ll want to be close to a hub station, not on a transit line that would require many transfers to get where you’re going.

Our closer Metro station is Diagonal(Green and blue line, you can connecting easy with all Barcelona). Also there are several bus lines, including night buses which go all night.

Another important point is find cafes or markets nearby the hostel

Gracia neighborhood is famous by there’s cafes and restaurants. There dozens variants where you could go with little children. There are also many supermarkets

The hostel should have relax zone where your kids will feel comfortable.

In Gracia City Hostel we have a big cozy living room where you could find home library and comfort relax zone with couches, tables and TV. You could find a lot of family games, also we organize dinner and birthday party. Or you could prepare dinner by yourself. There is a big kitchen with all stuff like pans, pot, microwave, own etc to prepare food for you.

Larger rooms to stay with comfort

In our hostel guests respect each other so you won’t feel discomfort or rude, we have shared rooms with 4 beds, 8 beds, 2 beds and 12 beds, and private rooms.

In conclusion we want to say that Gracia City Hostel is always welcome place for all people: friends, families with children and without, travelers etc

We are really proud to be one of the best hostels in Barcelona. Come and stay with us!


Gracia City Hostel: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Even as a solo traveler, there is something quite true about the saying, “It’s not where you travel, it’s with whom you travel.” Ambience, environment, and the people who surround me have a vast impact on how I feel. If something is amiss, I won’t hesitate to leave. If everything is in sync, I’m apt to stay.

Such was my experience at Gracia City Hostel. I was supposed to have stayed for two nights upon arriving in Barcelona for the first time, after which I would proceed with my arrangements on couchsurfing. But… The dude gave me creepy vibes. And I loved staying at the hostel. It wasn’t just talking to my new friends from Germany, India, Mexico, Ireland, Belgium- and, of course- Spain that made me settle in. It was so much more.

Now, this may be my first time in Europe, but I had previously stayed in too many hostels to count over 11 years, three continents, 23 countries, and a myriad of cities. You could say that I get around (the world, of course…), and I know what’s what in terms of where I stay.

I was sick as a dog when I got into Barcelona (thanks, guy to my left on Norwegian airlines from Stockholm to Barcelona), but still, everyone treated me warmly at Gracia City Hostel. They offered to get me tea, medicine, etc. instead of avoiding me, my cough, and runny nose like the plague. After a few days of hibernating in my little corner of the dorm, I was feeling a bit better, and was able to socialize more.

What I realized was that, here, everyone was part of an international family. Gracia City Hostel provided a sense of community, offering free walking tours, flamenco shows, reggae concerts, weekly paella and sangria nights, and a common area just to hang out, have a beer, write, or watch a movie.

So here are the main reasons why I would (and will, come the end of May) stay at the Gracia City Hostel again:

Cleanliness: This place looked like they had Mr. Clean hiding out in one of the rooms. From the kitchen to the entryway to the bathrooms, it was never dirty. Spotless. No need for fear of germs or possible infestations of unwanted critters, unless you bring them along.

Location: Gracia City Hostel is in the heart of Gracia’s artistic neighborhood, within walking distance of Casa Fuster, La Sagrada Familia, restaurants (even vegan ones!), bars, cafes, markets, and so on. If I needed to use the Metro, I walked for less than five minutes and then had access to all of Barcelona.

Eco-friendliness: The lights are motion-detected, the showers and toilets are designed to conserve water, and there are not only garbage bins, but recycling and compost as well. You can tell that these guys care about the earth, and I love it.

Small details: We all know the importance of the major stuff, like having a kitchen to cook in, access to the internet, and not having bugs in your bed. Nonetheless, sometimes the small details are what complete a place and give it charm. From the records on display to the positive messages strewn about, the artwork on the walls, the vintage typewriter, and the constantly updated calendar of activities, Gracia City Hostel had the alluring sense of minimalistic collectiveness.

No weird, strict rules: If you’ve stayed at a hostel, you might have run into one of those places with strange signs posted everywhere, like “Don’t wash your feet in the sink” (duh) or “All lights must be off after 9pm.” Not here. Obviously, you should be courteous and considerate of other travelers, but it doesn’t mean that you have to be in bed before the clock strikes 12. There’s no curfew- not here where many people stay out until 5am. Overall, there’s a very relaxed feel here, and the objective is to make you feel as comfortable as you would at home.

Friendly staff: There’s nothing more important to me than feeling comfortable with the people who work at a hostel. They were all very open, inviting, and eager to make my stay as enjoyable as possible. I knew that, if I ever needed anything, they would be there to help me. These were people who, even if I’d met them elsewhere, I’d want to be friends with.

Paella night at my favorite hostel in Spain!

Paella night at my favorite hostel in Spain!

Safety: Not just anyone can walk in the front door- you need a card to get in. Nonetheless, there is staff on call at all hours in case you need help or happen to have forgotten that card. Each person has a large locker to stash away his or her stuff (I was able to easily fit both of my backpacks in the locker). Bring a lock or buy one at the reception. As someone who travels with plenty of valuable gear, security is very important to me, and I always felt comfortable leaving my belongings behind as I explored Barcelona.

If you are going to Barcelona and want to stay in one of the city’s coolest neighborhoods, and you’d like to stay in a place where you don’t want to leave, then you’ve found your hostel. You can either book through Yonderbound, or just go directly to Gracia City Hostel’s reservation page. Have a great time, and let me know what you think!

Written by Cristina Luisa: A happily addicted traveler

Come to Barcelona, it’s like seeing 100 differents places in one!

Whether you are an Art lover, Passionate about football, Music, Mediterranean cuisine, want to do some Shopping or just Love the sun and beach, you are in the right place!

Barcelona is a unique place offering mountains, city and sea. Let yourself be guided by your instincts and explore this beautiful city with us.

Whatever the size of your wallet, you can enjoy a lot of events for free such as museums, jazz, reggae, flamenco and salsa concerts. Join to our daily free walking tours and live a different experience.

If you want to see a lot in a short time, you can move easily with the metro, bus, trains, bicycle or taxis. We will provide you a complete information, details and more for your stay …and maybe you would like to stay longer.


Hello Travellers. Here in Gracia City hostel we know the importance of breakfast in your daily activities while exploring Barcelona, that’s why we are offering a complete breakfast consisting of fruit, bread, cereals, eggs, bacon, juice, coffee, milk and delicious croissants or magdalenas (Muffins)


Here are two great reasons to eat a complete breakfast:

1. Feel More Energized

2. Improve Your Brain Power

Start a good day with us and get more nutrients for your physical activities




PSOUNDPrimavera Sound festival has been taking place in Barcelona since 2001,consolidating itself as a model reference for urban festivals and is internationally considered an unmissable event. It stands out from the rest of mainstream musical events and is characterised by an artistic line marked by pop, rock and the most underground tendencies of dance music. Enjoy the music and explore Barcelona, Live the festival with us. For more information


Book now and don’t miss it.


Hi Travellers, check our Gracia City Hostel team.



The “Festa Major de Gràcia” is Barcelona’s biggest, most colourful and most popular neighbourhood festival. Bringing in around 1.5 MILLION visitors each year!

Like all Catalan festivals “Festa Mayor de Gràcia” has a rich cultural presence of all things Catalan, including the “Diada Castellera de Festa Major” which features “Colles Castelleres”. These are teams of (really rather brave) people that build human towers and castles… Up to 7 or 8 storeys high! A truly jaw dropping spectacle to see live. Worried you might miss it? You wont! This festival contains many opportunties to see the local castellers group – Known here as the “Castellers de la Vila de Gracia” – build these amazing towers.

On one special night during the festival a tower is built and moved between two plazas, Locally refered to as the “Baixada del Pilar Caminat.”

Aside from the human towers there is much more to get your teeth into! In the many plazas of Gràcia you will find without too much effort: Live music events, plenty of local food and drink opportunities and artisanal items.

The Gracia festival dates are 15th to 21st August this 2015 year. The first day of the festival is a public holiday in Spain called Assumption day. We recommend visit Gracia in the evening from about 8.0 pm, when it starts to get dark because the illuminations on the streets turn on and the decoration look much beautiful.


More information about festival and Catalan traditions:

Beside a great location, comfortable beds and cleaniness, Gracia City Hostel has much more to offer for you to make your stay an unforgettable experience. Come along and let us give you a look around.

Gràcia City Hostel is located directly at the heart of the action: Passeig de Gracia, the famous shopping avenue with many tourist attractions is just around the corner at our hostel. A two-minute walk and you are right at the beginning of Passeig de Gracia, from where you can start exploring the city. Even though our hostel is located so centrally, the surroundings in this cross street to Passeig de Gracia are calm and peaceful. Whenever you are in the hostel, you will be able to relax and chill away from the crowds and the bustle.

For all those who want to start their Barcelona trip with sightseeing, some of the most famous monuments are just a stone’s throw away. With a short walk, you can visit the main emblematic tourist attractions such as La Pedrera, Casa Batllo, La Sagrada Familia, and Park Guell. Another five-minute walk and you are at the metro station Diagonal, which connects you to all major areas of the city.

Gracia City Hostel offers you a variety of rooms; private doubles, mixed and female dorms, all equipped with everything necessary for the comfort of travellers: comfortable beds, large lockers, bed lamps, clothes hangers, and mirrors. All room are air-conditioned and covered with free high-speed WIFI.But location and facilities are by far not everything what Gracia City Hostel has to offer. We do the extra mile to make you feel at HOME with us and enjoy your travel to the most :-)

We have a strong feeling of community with all travelers that stay here. So also for solo travelers, it will be easy to meet people.

There are three common areas at our hostel: the living room, the kitchen, and the foyer directly at the reception with two computers for our guests and chairs by the window to sit and check your emails while watching the street scene in Gracia. Just take a seat, sip on a coffee, and meet other travelers who are just planning their day. Our staff is always there to help you with advice or directions in case you are unsure how to get where you want to go.

Downstairs are the two other large common areas: the living room and the kitchen. The living room is great for reading, working on your computer, listening to music, or just hanging out and taking a hungover nap. There is also a big flatscreen TV where you can watch movies in English or Spanish or to connect your computer to it to watch a movie together with other travelers. Books and magazines for you to read are in a shelf, games are available, too, to sit with your peeps for playing cards or dice.

The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need to prepare a meal after a long day of exploring Barcelona: cutlery, plates, cups, glasses, pots, and pans, two fridges and freezers, a big stove, a microwave, kettle, toaster, coffee machine, and even free spices, sugar and salt.

The Gracia City Hostel volunteers take you to where the fun is. There are events at the hostel almost every night. People gather up in the living room for a free drink from the hostel and then the crowd moves on to another fun place nearby. On Mondays, there’s the weekly Gracia Couchsurfer meeting in Gracia, just about 5 minutes away from the hostel. On Tuesdays, the hostel offers free drinks and then takes the people out to the Reggae Jam and on Thursdays to the Karaoke Pub. Every Friday is the Tapas night, followed by the pub crawl. On Saturdays, you can have a Sangria at the hostel and then attend a live concert. Sunday is the day to relax with either a free Flamenco show or a movie marathon. Furthermore, our volunteers always known what’s going on in the neighborhood and they may also take you out to other events such at the Nasty Mondays party at Apolo or the Mojito party at Barceloneta. As you see, our table of events will surely not allow you to get bored. :-)

But our staff does not also take care of your nights at the hostel, we also have something for your mornings: every day, there is somebody available to guide to the meeting point of the free walking tour through Barcelona. On Tuesdays, the hostel offers a tour to Park Guell, which is nearby, too. On Wednesdays, there’s always a Picnic at the Bunkers del Carmel. On Thursdays, the modernist tour takes place to La Pedrera, Casa Batllo, and La Sagrada Familia. Friday is the day of the Beach tour, and if you want, you can get your lunch box from the hostel. On Saturdays, you have the possiblity to join the Gracia Tour to Park Guell again, and on Sundays the free Photography tour to the best views of Barcelona.

At Gracia City Hostel, we are eager to create a family-like atmosphere which makes everybody feel at home. The staff and our volunteers will take care of you and make you feel “part of the family.” So even for solo travelers, it’s easy to meet people at Gracia City Hostel. That is why we additionally offer a free glass of wine every night from 9pm to 11pm in our living room.

Barcelona Christmas at Grácia City Hostel is a truly special time.

cartel_cagatio2010 (1)


Is a Caga Tio, a wooden log with a smiley face painted onto one end.Caga Tio also wears a traditional Catalan red hat and is basically the Catalan equivalent of Santa Clause.

The idea is that Caga Tio is “looked after” by the kids from the 8th of December to Christmas Eve. They cover him to keep him warm and feed him every evening. The more they feed him, the more Christmas presents he will “poo-out” for Christmas.

Do you want to know more? Visit us at Grácia City Hostel and live the experience.